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Caroline's Pets

Our Much Loved Herd of Guinea Pigs & Jack our Geriatric Snake

Our guinea pigs love having supervised access to the garden where they are allowed to run free in our cat-free, enclosed garden.

pigs on grass

They race, jump and dive under and between the bushes with delight. When it is time to round them up we merely have to squeak and they all come running in a line. They have their own ramp so they can come inside our house, which they often do to be groomed and to get their favourite tasty treats - Fresh Basil, Thyme, Corriander and Mint.

This is Bubble my eldest daughter's Guinea Pig. She was initially the boss of the herd but has recently been ousted out of her leadership position by Carrot

Carrot posing beautifully for the camera.Carrot posing beautifully for the camera.

Carrot belongs to my youngest daughter. She is the brave and cheeky one of the bunch and will often nibble on your toes while you do the washing up.

carrot chilling out in the sun

This is George my son's Guinea Pig. Named after the childrens TV series Peppa Pig. We did have a Peppa but she sadly passed away due to a congenital defect not long after she was born.

george playing out

This is Thistle my Guinea Pig. She is the youngest of the herd and Bubble's best friend.

thistle smelling flower
thistle playing out

This is Parsnip which belongs to my youngest child.


This is our newest member of the herd, Pumpkin (a neutered male) having a cuddle and enjoying himself munching on grass.


Bubble and George playing tug-of-war with a spinach leaf.

Bubble and George playing tug-of-war with a spinach leaf

Jack Flynn our 20 year old White Banded Cali King Snake.

cali king snake snake in vivariumWe took Jack on as his past owners were struggling to find him a new home before they emigrated. We really enjoy looking after him and he seems to have settled into his new home.
cali king snake in bathJack having a bath. He enjoyed exploring his new surroundings after a swim in the tepid water.
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