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What is the Best Cage For My Parrot?

parrot in cage


Easy! As big a cage as you can get. Horizontal distance is very important as birds fly horizontally. A tall narrow cage is unsuitable for a bird no matter how tall it is. Rember though a bird cage is only a bedroom, a recent study has shown that birds need to be offered at least 8 hours a day out of the cage.

Try one out at the pet shop. Make sure you can easily get 1 hand in to catch a small bird and 2 hands in for a large bird.

When siting your cage in the house make sure you bird stands at your chest height. Too low and your bird will feel under threat, too high (head height or above) your bird will become dominant. In the wild the dominant members of the flock always perch towards the top of a tree. In your house you must be the dominant bird!

The cage should be made from stainless steel which is non-toxic and easy to clean. Avoid cages where the bars have been coated in plastic as they pose a chew hazard, and avoid those made of zinc alloys where over time the bird will ingest tiny particles of zinc dust whilst moving about the cage which accumulates to toxic levels.

Cages are available at most petshops. Look online also for example Northern Parrots.

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