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Sexing Your Parrot


With most species of parrots, the sex of the bird can not be determined accurately by visual inspection because both males and females appear the same to the human eye. To determine the sex of your parrot, there are two common methods which are used.

One method requires putting the bird under anesthesia, making an incision in the abdomen of the bird, and then inserting a small laproscope and visually identifying the sex of the bird.

The other easier, and less costly, method is much less intrusive and simply involves plucking 4 to 5 fresh feathers from the bird (small feathers from the breast will do) putting them in an envelope and sending it to the laboratory for DNA analysis. This is the method we prefer.

The laboratory we use is called Laboklin. The address is 125 Northenden Road, Manchester, M33 3HF. Telephone 0161 282 3066.

You can send the feathers directly to the laboratory yourself if you wish. Visit the Laboklin website for details. The cost is about £22.00 per bird.

If you do not want to pull feathers from your parrot then we can do it for you. Simply book an appointment with the vet, the vet will examine your parrot and perform a health check, answer any queries you have and will take some feathers from your bird for you to send away.

Alternatively, for an extra charge, we can send the feathers away for you.

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