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Our Second Puppy Vaccinations Are Compatible With Other Vaccines

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It is getting more common for owners to get puppies that have already had their first vaccine (first part of their primary course). We get lots of telephone calls asking if our vaccines are compatible for the second part of the primary course.

The simple answer is yes, our's are, irrespective of what the primary vaccine has been. Please bring the details of your puppy's primary vaccine with you so the vet can determine the correct second vaccine to give.

Our second vaccines are usually given at 10 weeks of age and will provide full immunity for parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis and not react in an adverse way with any other make of primary vaccine. Very occasionally the leptospirosis component may need an extra top up at 12 weeks of age. The cost of the second vaccine is £43.20 and there is no extra charge if the extra top up leptospirosis injection needs to be given two weeks later. Our second vaccine includes a 20 minute appointment and a thorough examination too.

For further information please ring and speak to one of our vets or nurses.

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June 2020
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