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Hospitalised Animals

  1. When you leave your pet at our vets, you are invited to settle him/her into their kennel yourself. You may wish to leave a familiar blanket or toy for reassurance.
  2. You may visit your pet at any time during their stay (by arrangement with reception).
  3. You may phone in for a progress report at any time.
  4. You can stay in the reception area during a surgical procedure.
  5. You can choose to be present as the anaesthetic is given, and in some cases, be present throughout a surgical procedure (an extra fee applies for this service)..

Overnight Patients

Patients are allowed to go home as soon as we judge it to be wise. When a patient requires an overnight stay at the surgery we may use sedation and pain relief as appropriate to give them a comfortable night. Overnight rest requiring no nursing is provided without charge.

Where a patient needs on-going nursing overnight we can choose either:

  1. To transport the patient to our fully staffed out-of-hours service provider.
  2. To allow the patient home for nursing to be continued by the owner. Guidance on nursing care is provided.
  3. To kkep yoyr pet here and we will visit the patient as appropriate through the night.
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