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COVID-19 Advice

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Veterinary practices are not on the list of businesses and premises that must close due to Coronavirus.

We provide emergency services and animal welfare advice and care. We are still available to offer this advice and care to our clients here at Daisy Street Vets, as well as providing essential medication prescriptions.

However, in order to comply with government guidance, the number of clients seen face-to-face must be kept to an absolute minimum (see advice on the Royal Collage Veterinary Surgeons Website), with strict observance of social distancing measures.

We are still open for phone advice and repeat prescriptions but are now only open for direct consultations when a patient needs essential care or emergency treatment.  

Please contact us first BEFORE coming to the practice.


What is classed as an emergency or essential care?

A physical exam by one of our vets is likely to be needed for:


Severe Trauma (e.g. car accidents)  Seizures / fitting animal
Weakness or collapse Cough of more than one-weeks duration
Breathing difficulties Dystocia - Struggling to give birth
Sudden onset, severe lameness Open wound injuries or significant bleeding
Severe , repeated retching Toxin ingestion
Struggling to pass urine or motions Excessive urination or thirst
Rabbits not eating or passing droppings Severe Eye/ear  problems
Vomiting/Diarrhoea lasting >24hrs Swollowing foreign bodies eg toys/clothes

If your dog is suffering with a sudden swollen abdomen or your pet requires euthanasia, please contact the practice on 01254 53622 immediately.


I don’t think my pets situation is an emergency but I have concerns or need advice?

  • Procedures that may require an examination but need an initial phone assessment are:

  Mild trauma, eg nail damage Skin issues, eg flea or other allergies
Anal gland irritation or scooting Post Operative checks
Repeat medication checks Vomiting or Diarrhoea in a well animal
Jaundice Pallor
Dental Complaints Lumps or swellings
Wounds Non-sudden onset lameness
Eye or Ear complaints Anorexia/poor appetite
Vaginal Discharge Non-specific lethargy/quietness

Please phone us for advice before bringing your pet down to the surgery


  • Proceedures that we will not be carrying out at the present time are:

  • Booster Vaccination: These can be delayed for up to 3 months and so we request you defer

these currently (See our Advice on Boosters/Vaccinations)

  • Non-essential consults: such as routine nail clips, weight checks, mid-year health checks
  • Routine Neutering: (unless there is an urgent need eg an un-neutered  male cat and un-neutered female cat living in the same household, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies, or you can not keep your un-neutered female cat indoors) Please phone to discuss any neutering concerns.
  • Non-urgent proceedure: eg blood tests, mass removals, other surgical operations or scale and polish procedures - again, please discuss these directly with your vet to decide what is classed as urgent or those that can be deferred.

If the advice is to come to the practice, what should I do?

  • 1st Speak to us on the phone, 01254 53622 so we can discuss each individual situation/requirement and take a history of the problem over the phone.
  • Advise us straight away on your COVID-19 status, especially if you are self isolating, so we can give you guidance regarding this and treating your pet.
  • Please observe government advice regarding the numbers of people traveling together, transport and social distancing.
  • Our doors will remain closed/locked at all times.
  • Please wait in your car and telephone reception on your arrival.
  • If your animal requires an examination, a staff member will then come and briefly discuss the case with you, following strict social distancing measures and collect your pet from you.
  • Please remain outside whilst your pet is examined in the practice.
  • After your pets examination, a treatment plan will be discussed and agreed either observing social distancing measures or over the phone.
  • Your pet will then be treated and returned to you in the car, and any further treatment/medication given to you at this time.
  • Please then phone into reception to settle your bill.

If I am wanting to collect more medications for my pet, what should I do?

Please follow the Prescription Advice Link for more information regarding prescriptions and how to collect them from the practice.


What if I need to see a vet out of normal working hours, what should I do?

Our normal Out of Hours emergency care has not changed, please follow our Emergency Care link.


What about my pets booster vaccination or starting my puppy/kitten vaccination course?

Please take a look at our Vaccine Information Page whilst Covid-19 regulations are in place.


Thank you for your understanding and patience and support during this difficult time.

 Stay Safe,

From all the staff at Daisy Street Vets


Page updated 28th Mar 2020, 15:27
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