01254 53622(24 hour emergency)

Home Visits

We are happy to provide routine planned home visits to our patients for routine treatments, vaccinations etc. or where several animals can be examined on one visit. Our vets are rarely able to visit in an emergency as they are generally fully occupied with clients at the surgery.

To arrange a home visit telephone 01254 53622.

Please bear in mind that:

  • Some cats may be difficult to examine at home and can only be visited if they are calm with visitors.
  • Nervous or aggressive dogs can't be treated successfully without proper safe restraint.
  • Poorly patients, complex medical cases and emergencies should always be brought to the surgery where we are fully equipped for all eventualities.

Visits for euthanasia. At the end of a pet's life where euthanasia may become necessary we are always prepared to visit a pet at home as soon as we have a vet available.

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