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Cats And Fireworks

Cats are not thought to show sound sensitivities as dogs do, however they will be frightened by the loud bangs and flashes of fireworks.

...also be under a bed or in a box.  Cats are not thought to show sound sensitivities

Therefore, during the firework season owners are advised to keep their cats indoors. This change in routine and confinement to the home can sometimes cause cats to become upset and show unwanted behaviours such as urine marking, inter-cat tension and vertical scratching.   

Owners can help their cats cope with these changes by providing enough litter trays throughout the house and ensuring all of the cats in the household have safe places to hide in.  These often are up high, for example on the top of cupboards, but could also be under a bed or in a box.

Vertical scratching   Feliway

Once a cat has found a safe spot for the night, leave it alone and do not try to coax it out, as this refuge is where it feels most secure.

Plugging a Feliway® diffuser into the room where a cat spends most of its time or where its safe place is, at least 48 hours before the festivities begin, will help to ensure it feels as safe and secure as possible.

There is also a Feliway spray whichcan be applied to a cat’s bedding on the night of the event to provide additional support.

Feliway spray

Useful youtube links:


How to use Feliway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8yDUgTVpsU

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Fireworks and cats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDsV2ta4vxA

Please contact your vet or nurse if you require any further support or advice.
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