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How To Stop Dogs Pulling

Advice When Teaching Your Dog To Walk On The Lead. 

Dog pulling


As a vet I frequently get asked by clients how they can stop their dogs pulling when they are walking on the lead. Each case is different but the following advice may help.

If your dog pulls you on the lead, shorten the lead and hold your lead arm behind you. It helps if you walk next to a barrier with your lead arm, such as a wall, hedge or fence. This traps your dog behind you and prevents him pulling. After 50 yards or so adopt a normal walking position and if your dog once again starts pulling then repeat the procedure. Your dog will not like walking behind you and will soon learn to walk on the lead without pulling. Remain calm while using this technique. No words need to be spoken.

Another trick that works for some dogs is to stop and stand still every time your dog pulls on the lead. Only resume the walk once your dog stops pulling and relaxes.

Head collars work very well. A good example is a Halti. They look like miniature horse bridles. It is much harder for your dog to pull you on walks while wearing a halti than a collar or harness. Once you and your dog get used to the Halti, walks will be a pleasure with no pulling. A Halti will not work on a short nosed breed of dog. Our nurses can help with choosing the right size of Halti for your dog should you want one. Just ring for an appointment. We have most sizes in stock. Haltis or their equivalent are available in most pet shops and online too.

Neutering can also help. Pulling on the lead can be a sign of dominance. Neutering can reduce the rank of a dog and make them much less likely to pull on the lead.

All these ideas are intended to put you as the owner in charge of the walks. If you are struggling controlling your dog on a walk our vets can also help you. Just telephone us and make an appointment with one of our vets.

John Davies

7th October 2016, 9:05
Page updated 21st Oct 2016, 14:24
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