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New Flea Spot-On That Lasts For 3 Months For Cats

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Here at Daisy Street Veterinary Centre, we are happy to announce a new, innovative treatment for controlling FLEAS AND TICKS in cats. 

We are all familiar with the term "Spot-On" referring to liquid flea treatments that can be placed on the neck or back of our pets, that help treat or prevent flea infestations.

These can be bought as

1) Non- prescription products in pet shops or supermarkets, some which work, some which don't and can even be toxic to cats. These Spot- On's generally claim to last 4 weeks against fleas only.

2) Prescription products that can only be purchased through your vets - There are a variety of excellent products available, again the majority provide protection/activity that lasts for 1 month against fleas (some provide protection against other parasites as well) and some even help control the flea life cycle within your house, increasing their effectiveness.

The New Flea Spot-On that lasts for 3 months!

However, now we are able to provide a new "Spot-On" that is extremely effective AND lasts for 3 months (12 weeks)!

This means you only have to apply the treatment 4 times a year rather than 12 times a year for year round protection. 

Most cats hate having flea treatment applied 4 times a year is a lot better than 12. This new product also fits in nicely with worming schedules as most cats require worming every 3 months too.

Just ring the surgery if you want any more information.

4th October 2016, 11:00
Page updated 23rd Jan 2017, 12:18
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