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The Veterinary Oscars (and Rovers, and Spots, and Brunos...)

Everyone who works in veterinary care loves animals: it goes with the territory. And, working with sick and injured animals every day, we have to deal with a lot of extremely sad situations while still remaining utterly professional. The flipside of this is happily a much more regular occurrence and we know how good it makes us feel to get your pet back on track; we know how good it makes YOU feel as well, judging by the very kind compliments our vets and support staff always receive! Now is your chance to put your comments into action…

Practice of the yearAt Daisy Street Vets, we always recommend that pets be insured so that there is never any panic about funding should anything happen to your furry (or scaly, or slimy...) friend. Furthermore, we recommend Petplan for the most comprehensive cover at a competitive price and we are certainly not alone in this regard: 9 out of 10 vets do the same and Petplan remain the UK’s most popular pet insurance provider.

Vet of the yearPetplan was established back in 1976, with the aim of providing the widest range of cover to ’keep the nation's pets healthy and their owners happy; they are doing a great job after 40 years and look set to continue for many more. The organisation works closely with many animal charities, donating much-needed cash. In 2015, Petplan donated more than £3m to animal charities (£3,168,548,32p if you want to be precise!)

Practice manager of the yearOne of the many events spearheaded by Petplan is the prestigious Veterinary Awards and this is where YOU come in! As stated on the Petplan website, “We recognise that keeping customers happy and pets healthy is a team effort from the receptionist and support staff right through to the vets and nurses themselves. These awards provide an opportunity for pet owners to recognise the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff and say 'thank you'.”

The nominations for the various categories (more info follows) are decided solely by the people who know the vets and the practice best: you, the owners. Once received, the nominations are judged by an independent panel of professional vets who will make the final decision, to be announced in April 2017.

The nomination period began on 15th September and will close on 13th January; best get those votes in now before everyone gets caught up with the Christmas craze! You can nominate us in as many categories as you like from the five available, which are;

  • Practice of the Year
  • Practice Manager of the Year
  • Practice Support Staff of the Year
  • Vet Nurse of the Year
  • Vet of the Year

Our vets and support staff absolutely love to receive your thanks for all their work; it really makes it all worth it. If you and your pet have had a good experience at Daisy Street Vets and you want to nominate us, then head on over to Petplan today: we thank you in advance!

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