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The Dog's Dinner: Dos and Don'ts

A healthy diet is the cornerstone of a healthy life, and this is the same for our pets. The difference is that you have control over what you eat and can make informed, reasonable decisions based on knowledge and experience. Dogs and, to a lesser extent, cats, rely on their owners to provide food and so we want to make sure that we're providing the best possible while avoiding the many dietary pitfalls. Here, we present a brief guide to what NOT to feed Rover.

The Dog's Dinner: Dos and Don'ts

We all want our pets to be happy. Giving them a food they enjoy makes us feel good too. However dogs, almost without exception, are greedy creatures and this together with this feel good factor can sometimes lead to excessive weight gain in our pets . There are a few more discerning, fussy eaters (usually the smaller breed dogs), but most dogs can’t help it of course, they are simply following their natural impulse to eat while the eating is good. 

Treats should be kept to a restricted, reasonable level and not given indiscriminately; many shop-bought treats are filled with additives and are high in salt to make them more appealing to your dog. 

As well as being careful with the amount we feed our pets, we also need to be aware of the common foods we like that can actually be toxic to our pets.

Here are a few food stuffs you should remember can be harmful to your dog:

Foods Poisonous to Dogs

  • Xylitol is a sweetener found in all sorts of foods from sugar-free chewing gum and sweets to cakes and diet food. It may sweeten your day but it could cause your dog’s blood sugar to dip dangerously low resulting in lethargy, vomiting and possibly even seizures. It has also caused liver disease in some dogs and is not related to how much they eat. So even one piece of chewing gum can be dangerous.
  • Avocado - a lot of dogs will eat just about anything. The problem is that avocado contains persin, poisonous to dogs. Keep him away from the leftover guacamole!
  • Alcohol is bad for you and, to a dog a quarter your size, it can be fatal. A sober Rover is a happy Rover.
  • Onions and garlic will send most dogs running but a curious few will take the plunge. Unfortunately, so will his red blood cell count, causing anaemia.
  • Caffeine may make your day go with a little more zing but Rover is just going to feel sick, tired, irritable and generally miserable. No tea, coffee or chocolate for pooch.
  • Chocolate is a well known poison to dogs and contains an ingredient very similar to caffeine called Theobromine. We like to treat our pets but remember that Rover may end up suffering with vomiting, diarrhoea,  hyperactivity and even seizures due to this. Dark chocolate tends to be the worst.
  • Milk and dairy products tend to give a dog diarrhoea and that can be just as unpleasant for you as for him! Dogs tend to get very starry-eyed over dairy products but be cruel to be kind and don't let him share.
  • Grapes & Raisins - It is not actually known what is toxic in grapes and raisin sbut they can cause kidney disease in some individuals.Even just one raisin can be severely toxic in susceptible dogs. Experts agree that there is no “safe” dose of grapes and raisins.
  • Corn on the cob may seem like a healthy options to give your dog but unlike most vegetables, it does not digest well. Large pieces can cause a blockage for poor Rover and could end up with expensive surgery to remove this from his intestine.

There are many foods we should not be allowing our pets to eat and the above is just a brief guide, but as with many things, we have to use our common sense. If you would like more information or are concerned about something your pet has eaten, then please contact the practice on 01254 53622 

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