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10 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe And Happy This Christmas

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We all love to indulge a little over the Christmas period, but this can be a dangerous time for our pets. It can be all too tempting for our 4-legged friends, who may try and help themselves. It has been shown that upto almost a 1/3rd of pet owners will experience an emergency during the festive season.

Here are our "Top 10 Things to Watch" out for this Christmas and New Year:


1) Eating Chocolate – The majority of pet owners are well aware of the hazard of chocolate, but there are still a few who do not know of this potential hazard. Human chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine which is a bit like caffeine, and is severely toxic to pets. Even those chocolate wrappers can cause problems if your dog decides to eat all the tin of chocolate Roses. Keep any chocolate out of reach. Remember your pet may be able to reach those chocolate decorations hanging on the christmas tree!

2)  Swallowing tinsel or Christmas wrapping. We all enjoy decorating our houses this time of year but remember our cats and dogs may also enjoy these newly available toys too! Tinsel can cause dangerous blockages in an animals stomach. Keep them out of reach.

3) Chewing through electric cables (fairy lights). Here at Daisy Street, we have already seen our 1st case where a pet has chewed through the Christmas tree lights cable. They can be as attractive to our pets, including cats, as they are to us but can cause burns or even electrocute them. Cover wires as best you can but ideally situate them out of your pets reach.

4) Eating or licking festive plants such as Poinsettia, Holly, Ivy or Mistletoe. We often adorn our homes with seasonal foliage at Christmas but some of these plants can cause stomach problems and in some cases can be fatal. Place out of reach but also consider leaves, petals and berries falling within your pets reach.

5) Mince Pies, Christmas Puddings which contain raisins, currents or sultanas and other nuts such as Macadamia nuts. These food items can cause severe illness in dogs. Avoid human food, especially if they contain the above fruits but remember also to be careful with any meat bones (esp once cooked) which can splinter, causing damage to the digestive tract. Some may become lodged, requiring surgery to remove. Fatty foods can also be too rich causing stomach upsets and diarrhoea. Also be aware that Blue Cheese, while delicious to us, contains a substance called roquefortine C, which dogs are extremely sensitive to. Even Garlic, Chives and Onions, which belong to the Allium bulb family and are found in many festive foods like gravy, stuffings and sausages can be poisonous to dogs. It is best to avoid offering human food, no matter how tempting it is!

Foods Poisonous to Dogs

6) Alcohol: Most pets don't like the taste of alcohol, but did you know that alcohol can be found in some surprising places including rising bread dough! The alcohol from the fermenting yeast can be rapidly absorbed if the dough is eaten by your dog or cat. Ingestion of alcohol can cause a serious drop in blood sugar, blood pressure and severely intoxicated animals may experience seizures and respiratory failure. Keep alcohol and any other ethanol containing products such as dyes, inks, disinfectants, mouthwashes, paints, and perfumes out of reach of your pets.

7) Noise Phobias: The bang of crackers, party poppers and champagne corks, as well as fireworks at New Year, can upset animals who are sensitive to noise (consider how your pet reacted during the firework season). They can also cause blockages if swallowed. Avoid using if your pet is fearful of loud noises and keep them out of their reach.

8) Children's Toys often have small parts, which could be chewed by an inquisitive dog. They could be a choking hazard or may become lodged if ingested. When buying your Christmas toys for your pets consider how safe they may be. Are they going to destroy that cute fluffy Rudolf and swallow the squeaker? Supervise your pet if they are in the same room, educate your children of the hazards, or move your pet out of the way.

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9) Drowning or hypothermia. Our countryside can look so beautiful this time of year, especially when we have had a heavy frost but please do remember it can become a hazard for animals venturing onto frozen ponds. Lead walk around ponds, lakes or frozen rivers.

10) Anti-freeze and Salt on the roads can both be harmful if ingested. Even a small capful of anti-freeze can be fatal to a cat. Did you know that some imported "Snow Globe" ornaments may also contain antifreeze, so keep these out of the way of your pets. Store all anti-freeze containers out of animals reach and discard/recycle used containers straight away. Avoid your dog licking treated pavements or roads and rinse your dogs feet .

Christmas can be a stressful time of year for our pets. There is often a dramatic change in their environment, such as visiting relatives and their normal routine is often altered. 

The hustle and bustle of Christmas along with the trees, decorations, bangs of crackers and party poppers, alongside lots of guests arriving, can leave them feeling a little bewildered.

Make sure your pets have a safe and quiet place to escape the festivities. It can be useful to use pheromone therapy during this time or calming aids and try to keep their routine as normal as possible.

If you have any concerns about your pet please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 53622.

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Wishing you and your pets all a Happy and a Safe Christmas time.

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