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Wedding Congratulations to Sam & Jez

Sam and Jez Church

Congratulations to Sam and Jez on their recent marriage in July.

Many of you know Sam as one of our vets and we are sure that you all, along with everyone here at the paractice, wish the happy couple a wonderful, fulfilling long life together.

Outside church

Sam  Sam & Tom  Sam and Jez in church 2

 The wedding was held at the tiny little church at Eldroth, and the "Mini WeddingFest" was held back on Sams family farm where the buildings had been spruced up ready for the newly married couple to arrive.

Confetti  Confetti 2

You may recognise many of the staff members who helped celebrate by forming a guard of honor for the newly-weds to arrive through!

Team 2

What a great team we have here at Daisy Street! 

You may also recognise that David also joined us- wonderful!

 Team 1  David  John and Angela

We all loved the day, a wedding with a difference - festival style, with multiple diffrent bands performing during the day, with festival food and entertainment with games for the kids, swimming and even Cold water dipping barrels and finished off with a huge, farm style bonfire!
Duck game  
Trampoline  rat
Cake full  Cake cutting  Cake topper
Well done to Caroline, our Head Nurse who made the amazing Wedding Cake and the cake topper, with flickering fire effect! What a talented bunch we have.
Performing Sam and Jez performing Sam and Jez performing 2
Sam and Jez then  joined in the performances with their "1st Song" rather than 1st dance, and played a couple of their own songs singing about their engagement and lives together.
Caroline Karen and Pauline 
Zara and family   Karen and Pauline 
David  Nina,Judith, Karen  Outside  
A much enjoyed day!
Sam  Sam and icecream
Sam and Jez performing brown
Once again we send our best wishes for the future and the biggest Congratulations to Sam and Jez
from us all at Daisy Street  xx
23rd August 2023, 6:00
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