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Welcome to our new "Vets Blog"

Sooty & Stripe

Here we hope to keep you posted on some of our daily activities and share with you some of the fun and entertaining things that occur at Daisy Street Vets. We would also love to share any photos of your wonderful pets when they have visited us at the practice. We hope the blog will be a light, entertaining part of the website with a variety of posts.

We would also love to share with you the life of two little kittens brought into the practice to be re-homed, through this blog.

Hansel and Gretel as they were 1st named by the nursing staff, were brought into the practice by one of our very caring clients, when she was given the job of rehoming them by their owner who was no longer able to look after them. She knew we would try our utmost to find them a loving home…and it didn’t take long before they were settled in their new home!


Sam, our vet, took both kittens home one weekend just before Christmas, with the intension of showing them to a friend who had expressed an interest in getting a kitten. However,   as often happens in a veterinary practice, our love for the animals we look after, takes over and they never left Sams house! They became an early Christmas present for her son,    Tom and he still thinks that these two kittens, which he renamed Sooty and Stripe, are the best present he has ever had!

We hope you enjoy watching how their lives develop and the mischief they get into, as much as we do.

Written by Samantha Purcell BVSc MRCVS, Daisy Street Vets, Blackburn.

9th February 2015, 15:56
Page updated 14th Oct 2016, 10:43
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