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Labrador Retriever day

Labrador Retriever Day

12th January 2022
Karen Griffin

Karen gains a distin­ction in her nursing degree

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Karen on gaining a distinction in her foundation nursing degree!
29th July 2021
Puppy Jimmy

Puppy Play

Say "Hello" to Jimmy. He visited the practice last week for his little operation and returned to the practice for his post-op check up demonastrating how cool he looks in his medical pet shirt.
Doesn't he look fab!
16th November 2020
Charlie Chaplin 2

Can you help Charlie?

Charlie Chaplin needs to find a very special home.
11th September 2019
Bobby Looking forward

"The cat who got the cream!"

This week Tom, the stray who was rehomed after we amputated his tail, has been back to visit!
5th December 2018
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