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Meet Jeremy


Getting a new kitten is a wonderful experience and we all want to do our best for the new family member. Just like a baby, kittens require vaccinations to prevent illness and other treatments to prevent them getting parasites such as fleas or worms which they may have been born with.

Today we were all very lucky to meet Jeremy, a lovely little kitten that came in for his vaccines, we couldn't resist sharing these cute photos of him with you.

Jeremy was very brave when he had his microchip implanted and was given his vaccine. Well done Jeremy!

Meet Jeremy 

We look forward to seeing him again in 1 months time for his next developmental check up, when we will check his weight and be available to answer any questions his owner has about his care and development.

Take a look at our "Kitten Vaccine Package" for more information on what to do when you get a new kitten.  Give us a call at the surgery on 01254 53622 for any advice regarding your new kitten or to book an appointment with the vet for your kittens health check up.

22nd November 2016, 11:28
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