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Chemotherapy - It's not all bad!

Samlaura chemo

Millie was diagnosed with a malignant cancer called Lymphoma over two months ago. Initially this was a very upsetting and worrying time for her mum and dad, but it was decided to try and treat Millie using chemotherapy.

Well the response has been amazing! Once again we have a happy, bouncy Millie back and she has even got used to and now seems to enjoy coming in to the vets. She now knows exactly what is going to happen and enjoys her cuddles as she is given the injectable chemotherapy agent on a weekly basis.

Millie has been doing so well during the last two months, that her chemotherapy has now been reduced to every fortnight and we look forward to seeing her soon. 

But we thought we had to share with you the funny side - what do we look like! We bet you never thought you would see Sam looking quite so daft!

26th May 2017, 19:10
Page updated 26th May 2017, 19:10
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