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Where will YOU Walk...?!

puppies two white background daisy street vets blackburnExercise is an esential part of owning a dog so if you own or are planning to acquire a dog, then make sure you have got the time to provide your pet with the walks they need. All dogs require some degree of exercise to keep them fit both physically and mentally: it’s their right and your duty to ensure they get it. If you can’t provide it yourself, you can always enlist the help of family and friends or look up a professional dog-walking service in your area.

There are loads of ways to make taking your dog for a walk more interesting, and that means for both of you. And don't forget that all the health benefits that your dog will get from taking a walk will be yours also: you’ll soon notice just how much your own health and fitness levels improve after a few long treks in the fresh air. Even today, one of my clients commented how after getting his new Westie, he himself has lost a stone in weight!

Keep things interesting. Fido or Rover loves routine but he also loves a bit of adventure too so vary your routes, cross to different sides of the street, take the long route or a quick short cut. A great trick to play on your dog is to take him to a familiar place but via a very unfamiliar route. The dog’s body language as they suddenly get that ‘oh NOW i know where i am!’ feeling is unmistakable and absolutely priceless.

Talk to your dog while you’re walking. It helps them to keep that connection with you beyond the physical lead; dogs get excited when they’re out walking and can easily forget themselves and who they’re with so it’s good to keep reminding them. Don’t worry what people think about you talking to your beloved pet, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ALL pet owners talk to their pets.Dog and Cat playing Outdoors

If your dog is the type to growl at other dogs when out walking, it can quickly become an issue that prevents either of you enjoying your walk. The worst thing you can do in these situations is to start putting tension in the lead and into your voice as your pet will take its cue from you. Stay calm and in control of the situation and your dog should follow suit.

Get lost! No, we’re not being rude and we mean it quite literally. Go somewhere totally new, take a train or bus ride to an unfamiliar station and start discovering with your best friend. Who knows what you’ll find?

Walking with a dog is one of the most rewarding parts of the friendship and should be seen as an integral part of ownership. 

If you do have concerns about walking your dog and you want some advice regarding this, then give us a call at the practice on 01254 53622 or speak to David, our behaviour vet.

So from all the staff at Daisy Street, we wish you fun out walking your dogs and enjoy this lovely weather at the same time.

Sam Purcell Daisy St Vets, May 2017

8th May 2017, 8:00
Page updated 10th May 2017, 16:07
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