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John's pets

These are my Family's Pets

Tummy the Cat

Tummy the CatThis is Tummy, our cat. When she came to the surgery she was in a mess. She only had fur on her head and tail. She was very thin, ill and had severe diarrhoea.

She had no home. I diagnosed that she had ovarian cysts and bad teeth. I decided to save her. I removed her diseased ovaries and extracted her bad teeth.

Tummy the CatShe was such a nice cat that I kept her for myself. The children and I nursed her back to health. Her diarrhoea slowly cleared up. She is fifteen years old, fat and happy. She doesn't go outside much and hates being picked up.

Sam and Tiger the Guinea Pigs

Sam and Tiger the Guinea PigsThese are our 2 male guinea pigs. They live in a two storey hutch in a a heated shed. The have the run of the shed and in nice weather the run of the garden.

They like eating flowers and strawberry plants so I have had to fence off the flower bed.

They like scurrying about and eating fresh vegetable scraps. Their names are Sam and Tiger.

Billington 2 the Hamster

Billington 2 the HamsterBillington 2 was found on a country lane in Rishton by Grandma (my mum).

We decided to keep him. He lives in the kitchen next to out dining table.

He likes carrot peelings and sleeping. He is very gentle.

Ruby and Sharkadder the Fish

FishRuby was won at a fair by the children secretly. We had to buy a tank and a friend for her. She was lucky.

‚ÄčRuby is the smallest fish with the long fins.

The fish enjoy fresh mosquito larva which we catch in our pond. They have a water change weekly and are fed flakes daily. They are quite tame.

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