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Labrador Retriever Day

Labrador Retriever day
The Labrador Retriever has consistently been dubbed as one of the top dogs in annual lists of the UK's favorite breed. In fact, Labs are so popular that they even have their own pet holiday, which takes place in January.

So to celebrate, here are a few fun bits of trivia about our tail-wagging chums:

  • Although the average life span of a Labrador Retriever ranges from 10 – 14 years, a Labrador Retriever named Bella, who was adopted from the RSPCA, celebrated 29 birthdays– that’s 203 in dog years!
  • The England Kennel Club registered Labrador Retrievers as a breed in 1903 and American Kennel Club registered Labrador Retrievers as a separate breed in 1917.
  • These water loving dogs have something called ‘otter tail’. The tail and the webbed feet help them to swim fast.
  • They were bred to be duck retrievers. Later their retrieving abilities spread out to game hunting and waterfowl hunting.
  • They are intelligent, sensible, hard workers, and are extremely eager to please almost everyone and anyone. These attributes make them one of the most versatile workers. They can do everything!

Feel free to post any pictures of your labrador friends for us all to enjoy on our Facebook page  

labrador puppy eating from bowl

12th January 2022, 15:27
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