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How to get the best out of your Dog Health Insurance

Choose a reliable insurance policy.

Strange as it might seem, vets can't advise on insurance policies unless they are also licensed insurance brokers! However, any insurance leaflets we display in the waiting room are from companies that we believe have given good value in the past.

Once you are insured - do tell us

Insured pets can be given the best of care without having to consider the cost. e.g. £300 on laboratory tests is not unusual. Very few clients are able to proceed with an in-depth medical investigation unless their pet is insured.

Do claim for treatment, you are entitled to it!

Many clients forget to claim or think the claim is too small to bother with. Be warned, some insurance policies will not pay up later if an earlier claim has not been made!

Do keep up with treatment.

Once your pet is recovering your pet insurance will pay for a regular check-up and on-going monitoring. Take full advantage of your pet's insurance cover.

Comply with the terms of your insurance policy or your policy might become invalid.

Most policies require your pet to:

  • have up-to-date vaccination and worming.
  • be kept in good health (e.g. not overweight).
  • have regular (routine) dental care (de-scale and polishing is not covered by insurance).

Who pays the vet?

The client pays the vet and then claims back from the insurance company. We normally complete and post a claim form within 10 days of receiving it. Most insurance companies pay out within 14 days. If you pay the vet using a credit card you are likely to receive payment from the insurance company before you need to pay off your credit card.

Making your claim

Fill in your part of the claim form, sign the form, then send it on to us. We will forward the completed form to your insurance company. Each claim involves up to 30 minutes of work for which we make a small charge.

If your claim is rejected, do tell us. We may be able to appeal on your behalf. There is a charge of a standard appointment fee for each appeal letter or phone call we make on your behalf.

Exclusions. Do tell us if the policy has any exclusion. Bear in mind that any condition that was present when the policy was taken out is automatically excluded even if it is not named on the policy. If we can make a claim on your behalf we will.

If the exclusion has been added at an annual renewal we may still be able to make the claim as a "continuation claim" that arose before the exclusion had been applied.

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