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Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance for your ferret

There are some pet insurance companies who specialise in small mammals, such as: www.exoticdirect.co.uk.

  • Ideally start as soon as you get your ferret.
  • Start before your ferret has problems or they may not be fully covered.
  • Ask our nurses for help when choosing your policy.

How to get the best from your Pet Health Insurance.

  • 30 years ago..... (David Higginson MRCVS remembers)
    • No one had pet insurance. To some extent no one needed it as treatments were limited. Veterinary medicine for pets was still in it's infancy. Effective drugs without side effects were rare. Anaesthetics were risky. There were few useful blood tests available. In fact the situation in pet practice was little different from James Herriot's days in the thirties. Pet insurance is vital nowadays as, without it, few owners would be able to afford proper treatment for their pets.
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