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Preventing Fly Strike

Preventing fly strike (maggots around the rear end)

Fly strike is a serious summer problem - within 2 - 3 days a rabbit can become overrun with maggots eating and destroying the skin and muscle of the lower back and bottom area.

The first priority is to keep the bottom clean. Feeding a total hay diet will usually achieve this. If your rabbit has trouble with a dirty rear end see the vet urgently. We have a prescription treatment (insect growth regulator), which can be applied to your rabbits coat.

David 30 years ago..... (David Higginson MRCVS remembers)

With overweight rabbits, poor hygiene and no real understanding of correct feeding fly strike was a very common problem every summer. Euthanasia was usually the only action we could take. Now we can usually prevent fly strike, but if it does occur, we have a much better chance of successful treatment because we have safe anaesthetics, good pain relief and excellent nursing skills.

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