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Routine worming and parasite treatment

E. cuniculi is a common parasite of rabbits that can cause blindness, seizures, head tilt and paralysis.

Use Panacur Rabbit daily for 9 days, 2 to 4 times a year to prevent this serious rabbit infection and worms.

  Treatment should be considered especially before mating, when aquiring a new rabbit or when rabbits will be mixing together.

Flea treatment

We have treatments specifically for treating rabbits and other small mammals. If you notice fleas on your rabbit please contact us for advice.


Excess dandruff usually indicates the presence of Cheyletiella mites

Cheyletiella mites can cause irritation to both rabbit and owner. We have safe, effective treatments for these mites. See the vet right away if you see dandruff in the coat. 

What about Myxomatosis?

Myxomatosis is transmitted in wild rabbits by rabbit fleas, pet rabbits pick up the infection from other biting insects such as the mosquito. Protect you rabbit by regular vaccination.

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