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Microc­hipping Your Cat

In the following film our vet John Davies discusses microchipping in pet cats. The film was kindly made by Specially 4 Cats.

Good Reasons to Microchip Your Cat

id chip scanner1 A microchip will permanently identify your cat. If your cat strays or goes missing and is found, animal shelters, vets and most charities will scan your cat with a microchip reader and find your cats unique number hidden in the microchip. They will then ring the UK central database to find your cats details so that he or she can be returned to you.

2 Other devices can now operate using your cat's microchip such as cat flaps and feed stations. These devices only allow entry by your cat preventing other cats coming into your home or eating your cats food.

3 If you want to travel abroad with your cat a microchip is essential for identification and a Pet Passport.

4 From the 10th June 2024, it will be a legal requirement to have micro-chipped your cat and for the contact details to be kept up to date on an official database.

When to Microchip

microchip-page-001We use IdENTICHIP®  microchips. They are roughly the size of a grain of rice and are ISO standard.

Cats can be "chipped" at any time just ring the practice for an appointment. Commonly we microchip cats when they are neutered, if you want, so that they are asleep and do not feel the injection.

Make sure if you get any of your animals chipped that the microchips are ISO standard so can be read by a variety of microchip readers. The cost of a microchip is about £30.00 or £18.00 if placed when your cat is under going any anaesthetic proceedure such as neutering.

Checking Your Pets Details

You can check your pets details by searching the databases. Start by searching at "check-a-chip" and then follow to the database that holds your pets details.

Changing Your Details on the Central Database

If your cat is microchipped and you move or change your telephone numbers you must let the people at the central database know so your cat can be returned to you. If you rehome your cat please change the details to the new owner. Only a number is stored on the chip not your address and telephone number. Please ring 08444633999 to change your details. There is a small charge for changing the information on the database.

John Davies & Samantha Hird, Microchipping Cats, Daisy Street Vets Blackburn, Oct 2023

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