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Vaccinating Your Cat. Why Is It Necessary?

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Why Should I Vaccinate My Cat?

To keep your cat healthy. Most importantly there are some nasty diseases cats can contract which, can be prevented by simple vaccination.

Most good catteries insist that cats are fully vaccinated in order to stay there.

It is a requirement of some insurance policies.

It is very important to vaccinate cats as early as possible, ideally when they are kittens. 2 injections of vaccine are given 3 weeks apart. The vaccines can be given as early as 9 weeks of age. Following the initial course, an annual vaccine must be given to keep the immunity strong. Avoid any vets that are selling so called "vaccines for life".

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For the cost of other vaccines please see our price list.

What are the diseases that are vaccinated against?

Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV)

This virus attacks the immune system and cannot be cured.

It is a fatal disease, and studies have shown that around 80-90% of FeLV- infected cats will die within 3½ years of the diagnosis being made.

It causes neoplasia ('cancer') of the white blood cells ('leukaemia'), but in addition the virus also causes the development of solid tumours at various sites in the body. In many cats, FeLV infection results in a profound suppression of the immune system leading to increased susceptibility to a wide range of secondary infections that would not cause a problem in normal healthy cats.

Cats can contract FeLV from the saliva, urine or faeces of an infected cat. This can happen by fighting or prolonged contact with cats that have the disease.

Cat Flu

This is like human flu. Sometimes cats end up with permanent damage to the nasal cavities. Cats catch cat flu from other cats that have the disease.

Feline Enteritis

This is a bit like parvo virus in dogs. It causes sickness and diarrhoea and attacks the immune system. It is caught by contact with the virus in the environment.

How do I get my cat vaccinated?

Ring the surgery and ask for an appointment with the vet on 01254 53622

Your cat will be examined thoroughly and the vaccination will be given. The first time your cat will need 2 injections 3 weeks apart (the primary course). From then on your cat will need a yearly vaccination (booster). Kittens can be vaccinated from 9 weeks of age.

Do I need to vaccinate my cat?

If your cat is an indoor cat (never goes out or mixes with cats that do go outside) and is unlikely to go into a cattery then vaccination is unnecessary.

What about Rabies vaccination?

Rabies vaccination is only needed if your cat is going to go abroad. It is better to speak to a vet if you think you are going to take your cat abroad as other statutory requirements will be needed.

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