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Kitten Best Start Vaccination Offer

Kitten Vaccination Course Package – £77

Please Note: There is currently a European shortage of cat vaccines, meaning many UK vets are currently unable to offer  kitten vaccine starts and adult cat booster vaccinations.
Our vaccine manufacturer has stated that cat booster vaccines are safe to go up to "3 months overdue" without loss of protection for your cat. As such we are currently not offering vaccine packages for kittens. We are monitoring our clients cat booster database and will prioritise those who are nearing the 3month over due date. You will then be sent an invite to bring your cat in for their booster.
Currently if your kitten has had their 1st vaccine, we will have "saved" you a 2nd vaccine dose. The current advice for kittens who have not yet started their vaccines are to restrict their access to the outdoors for as long as possible, so that a course can be started as soon as the vaccines become available. 
Please do contact us for more information or if you have concerns about your cats vaccine.

The package includes:

  • Your Kitten's Vaccination Course. This includes 2 injections, 3 weeks apart. Your kitten needs to be at least 9wks old, to start the course, and they must be at least 12weeks old when they have their final injection. (See Why Should I Vaccinate My Cat?)
  • A Full Veterinary Health Check. This includes a thorough veterinary examination, a check-list and plenty of time for you to ask any questions regarding your kitten's care and health.
  • A Weight Check. We check your kitten's weight and give you advice regarding their diet and feeding requirements.
  • Round Worm and Flea Treatment. A combined spot-on product treating round worms and fleas can be applied to your kitten, in the consultation room, if their treatment is due. This treament lasts for one month.
  • Identichip/Microchip. Unlike puppies, Kitten currently do not legally have to be microchipped, but it is often advised as a chipped cat is easier to re-locate to its owner if they go missing. The chips can also be used together with microchip activated cat flaps and feeding bowls. The chip can be placed at the time of the 2nd vaccine injection but it is often advised to be placed at the time of neutering, when the kitten is fast asleep.
  • Nail Check and trim if required.
  • 4 Weeks FREE insurance with Pet Plan*
  • Kitten Advice Pack. This contains information on various topics.

This Kitten Vaccine Course Package is only avaliable to kittens under 6 months of age. Normal charges apply to cats over 6 months of age, and can not be used with any other offer or discount. 

As you can see, we have tried to provide much more than just vaccination and flea treatment for your kitten. We are sure you will agree - They deserve so much more, after all, we want to provide them with..


Kitten Breeders:

Please contact reception if you are a kitten breeder who requires just a single initial injection for your litter of kittens, without requirement of wormers/flea tx etc and ask for the Breeder Kitten Vaccination package.

*(This cover is for for individually owned kittens. We are sorry but this is not available for Breeders Litters as seperate Breeder Insurance is required from Insurance Companies)

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