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Older Cat Arthritis

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Cat sleeping in one place more
Cat sleeping in one place more
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90% of older cats show radiographic changes consistent with degenerative joint disease - but they don't complain of pain!

Here's how you can tell if your cat has arthritis:

Reduced mobility

Hesitant/reluctant to jump up or down e.g. on furniture or through cat flap

Smaller jumps rather than big leaps

Less graceful movents e.g. 'stiff' or 'creaky'

Litter tray 'accidents'

Reduced activity levels

Sleeping in one place more

Playing less

Hunting less

Changes in grooming habits

Coat changes, especially in the lumbar region. The hind end may be matted and/or scurfy

Changes in scratching

Overgrown claws which are clicking on hard floors and catching on carpets

Changes in temperament

Less tolerant e.g. towards children and/or other cats

More withdrawn and/or reduced interaction with owner(s)

After treatment with our new, safe anti-inflammatory medication most cats will show:

Significant improvement in willingness to jump and height of jump

Significant reduction in pain on palpation

Significant and continuous improvement in temperament reported by owners

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