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Cat Litter you can enjoy using!

Feeding Hill's "Science Plan" means your cat will produce less motions. This also reduces the number of times your cat will need to use the litter tray, reduces the number of times you will need to attend to the litter, and, because you use less litter it saves you money!

Use Sanicat "Clumping Cat Litter" - you'll never go back to the old stuff!
Call in at the surgery and ask for a quick demo of how it works.

  1. Use a scoop to picks out clumps. Leaves the litter absolutely clean.
  2. Once filled the tray only needs a complete clean out every couple of months!
  3. Eliminates smell better than other cat litters.
  4. Economical because none is wasted.
  5. Most cats prefer clumping cat litter.
  6. Use a large deep litter tray. Use a plastic storage box from a DIY superstore (approx. 18"x14"x 8" deep). Use the litter 2 - 3 " deep. It takes a full container of litter to set it up but it lasts for ages.
  7. Position the tray in a private place, ideally well away from the cat’s food, and, if possible, away from the cat door.
  8. Scoop out the waste once a day and top up with more litter twice a week.
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