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Tips for Cat Owners

Clipping cat's nails – Save your wallpaper, furniture, clothes and even your skin by clipping your cats nails every 3-4 weeks. 80% of cats will allow nail clipping - all you need are the right cat claw nail clippers and a brief demonstration by a vet or nurse.

The easiest flea prevention is by injection – Just 1 injection given by your vet every 6 months - can be given at the same time as your cat's vaccination. It works better than most flea control because you have nothing to do, so you have nothing to forget!

Using a cat litter tray? - Feed Science Plan and the amount of faeces is reduced to less than half that of most foods. You'll use less litter, have less work to do, and there'll be much less smell.

Grooming? - Use a Zoom Groom. The massage brush Zoom Groom has soft rubber fingers that remove dead hair and dirt from your cat's fur. Cats love it as it provides a gentle massage at the same time. It reduces hairballs and stimulates skin for a healthy coat.

How to get rid of smells - Use Pet Fresh spray on your pet, or Odour Eliminator on floors and furnishings.

Problems giving a cat a tablet? - Give your cat a tablet when he's hungry. Place some very tasty food right in front of him but hold him back from it. This will make him salivate and get him ready for swallowing. Pop the tablet into the back of his throat (as detailed on the next page) then let him at the food. If you're struggling then ask for a demonstration next time you're at the surgery.

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