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Neutered Cat FAQ

Q. Why do neutered cats need a special food?

A. After neutering, a cat's hormonal balance changes, causing the metabolism to slow down, this makes the cat prone to weight gain. Hill's VetEssentials contains just the right amount of calories, fat and protein for neutered cats.

Urinary problems are common in all cats, and more so after neutering. Hill's VetEssentials is formulated with controlled mineral levels and produces the appropriate urinary pH level to decrease the risk of bladder stone formation and maintain urinary health.

Q. Does VetEssentials have all the other benefits of standard Science Plan products?

A.Yes, VetEssentials has all the other great benefits of feeding Science Plan such as promoting:

  • Healthy immune system
  • Strong bones and muscle
  • Healthy skin and radiant coat
  • Supports urinary health
  • Optimal agility
  • Clean teeth and fresh breath

Q. Is neutering really the best thing I can do for my cat?

A. Yes, because neutering has certain important benefits:

  • Decreases unwanted sexual behaviour such as
    • Female heat
    • Mating
    • Unwanted litters
    • Straying (fighting, road accidents, loud meowing)
    • Aggressive behaviour in males
  • Decreases urine spraying behaviour in female cats
  • Decreases diseases like
    • pyometra
    • mammary carcinoma (breast cancer)
  • More affectionate towards owner
  • More loyalty to the home

Q. Can I feed this to male and female neutered cats?

A. Yes, VetEssentials provides all the necessary nutrients for both male and female cats. This also makes it easier for households that have cats of both sexes.

Q. We are a multi-cat household with both neutered and entire (cats who are not yet neutered) cats. Can I feed Hill's VetEssentials to all my cats, even the entire cats?

A. Yes, feeding VetEssentials to all of your cats will not compromise their nutrition and health.

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