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Appointment Delays – how to avoid them

  1. Ask for an appointment at the beginning of a surgery session (this gives less time for delays developing, for example, an emergency road traffic accident which would take priority over routine appointments).
  2. Tell the receptionist if it is important you are not delayed. We’ll do our best to help.
  3. Always check that the receptionist knows you have arrived.
  4. Arrange a special time to be seen directly with the vet.
  5. If you are not seen on time or feel a patient has gone in before you who shouldn't have, please mention it to reception.

There are lots of reasons why our appointments may sometimes get behind - emergencies, complicated cases, patients coming in late, etc. We cannot speed up as we still have to give our clients and our patients the time they need.

Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine cannot always stick rigidly to a timetable!

I apologise in advance for anyone experiencing a delay at our surgery. We are all doing our best. We also get stressed when we know clients are waiting.

John Davies. Veterinary Surgeon.

Page updated 23rd Feb 2024, 09:51
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