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Keeping Your Pet Calm And Safe At The Vets

Most pets are happy or indifferent when thay visit us, unfortunately some animals get angry, upset, nervous and annoyed. It is important to minimise these feelings and ensure that their emotional state does not lead them to conflict with other animals, owners and the vet! It is much more difficult for the vet to examine a stressed animal and vital signs may be missed. Try and remain calm yourself, some animals anxiety can be worsened if their owner gets upset.

Dogs should be kept on a lead attached to a collar, head collar or harness. The collar should be tight enough to prevent the dog slipping the lead (Not too tight! You should easily be able to push two fingers under the collar). Please use a simple short lead (Flexi leads should be on the shortest setting). Small dogs might even feel safer in a cat basket.

If you wish, to minimise anxiety, you can leave your dog in the car until it is his or her turn. Some people prefer their dog to be examined by the vet outside. If your dog is nervous or aggressive please tell reception as you arrive so we can arrange for you to wait in a quiet consulting room.

Special appointments can be made made at mutually convenient times to ensure that a nervous animal can be seen on time and seen when the numbers of other pets and people are at a minimum (please discus this with the vet).

Cats and rabbits should be in a suitable and secure small pet carrier. We have sometimes had to on retrieve cats from the car park after escaping from an insecure pet carrier. You could leave your cat or rabbit in the car until it is his or her turn. Feliway may help to calm your cat during the journey.

Small mammals, birds and reptiles should be brought in a suitably secure transport container. Top opening cages are the best.

Home visits can always be carried out where necessary. Telephone the surgery to make arrangements for a home visit.

Pet Preferences

Dogs and cats may prefer a particular room, prefer being on the table or on the floor, or prefer a particular vet or nurse. If your pet seems to have a preference do let us know and we will try to help.

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