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Medicines, Prescrip­tions and Repeat Prescrip­tions

We always use a "licensed veterinary medicine" where one is available. If no specific medicine is licensed for a particular condition we may use a medicine licensed for another species, or a human medicine. If you wish us to avoid the use of unlicensed medicine then we ask you to discuss this with the vet right away so we can make special arrangements for your pets' needs.

Collecting your medicine (prescription) after an appointment

Please allow up to 15 minutes for the medication to be prepared and dispensed. Our nurses are sometimes very busy. They will prepare your medicine as soon as they can. There may be a considerable wait for large orders. On rare occaisions we may not have sufficient medicine or suitable medicine in stock. We will however be able to get the medicine overnight so you may have to pick up the medicine the following day.

Animals on long term medications (repeat prescriptions)

  • Please telephone us well in advance of needing further medication for your pet. Tell us which medication you require. The vet will then read your pet's case notes and where possible authorise the medicine. It is the law that any so called "prescription only medicine (POM)" must be authorised by a veterinary surgeon.
  • Repeat prescriptions can be supplied for up to 3 months after an examination by the vet. After 3 months the vet needs to examine the patient again to reassess the case to supply further prescription medication or change the medication. The vet also needs to make sure that your pet is not experiencing and problems with the medicine. In some cases the frequency of vet examination will be reduced. It is very important that any pet on long term medication is checked by a vet at least every 3 months.
  • It is best place your order for your repeat prescription at least 24 hours before collection to allow our vets time to authorise the medication. We will, of course, do our best to supply your urgent needs if you run out of medication unexpectedly.
  • If you call in without pre-ordering please allow upto 30 minutes for us to prepare your order. If there is no vet in the building then prescription medicines cannot be dispensed.

Written Prescriptions can be provided for you to purchase your pets medicines elsewhere. An information leaflet is available explaining how this works. There is a charge for a written prescription.

Recent changes in prescription law mean that we cannot re-sell returned medicines, so we are now unable to give refunds on unused returned medicines.

Unused or unwanted medicines, syringes and sharps should be returned to the surgery for safe disposal in clinical waste. 

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