01254 53622(24 hour emergency)

What to do with a poorly animal when we are closed

Poorly Dog

If you have an emergency but feel that it can wait until we are open, then please just turn up at the surgery without making an appointment at 8.30am on Monday - Friday. We will see your pet as soon as we can.

If you have an emergency or a medical issue which can't wait until our practice is open, we advise you to contact Armac Veterinary Centre, in Bury. They will give you any advice you need or ask you to bring your pet to them.

Armac Vets, 147 The Rock, Bury, BL9 0ND Tel: 01282 423640.

Oakmount Veterinary Centre

We pay Armac to take your calls and be on duty for you all year round. Telephone advice is free 24/7.

You pay Armac only when you need to use their services, and this is claimable on your pet’s health insurance (exclusions may apply).

If your pet does need to use Armacs emergency service, their notes will be forwarded to us the following working day. Please feel free to contact us about on-going care or to ask any questions you may have on 01254 53622.

We understand that you may prefer to take advantage of a nearer veterinary practice for your emergency treatment, but please be aware that you are under no obligation for your pet to remain with them or to return for a follow-up appointment. You are welcome to see us at Daisy Street Veterinary Centre the following working day if you wish us to continue your pet’s treatment.

Avoiding Emergencies

Most medical issues can be dealt with during our opening hours before it escalates into an emergency.

If you have any concerns over your pet’s health or wellbeing during the course of the day please contact us for advice or reassurance.

Why does Daisy Street Veterinary Centre use Armac instead of doing the emergency work themselves?

We would love nothing more than to provide the Blackburn area with a staffed 24 hour emergency service like Armac. Unfortunately, to enable us to provide and sustain an out-of-hours service for this relatively small local area due to the small number of vets working at our practice and the European Working Time regulations. .

Veterinary medicine has come a long way in the last 20 years and a tired vet, working at night as well as during the day, on their own, is no longer acceptable. European working regulations only allow people to work a certain number of hours, meaning we would need to employ an additional two to three vets and four nurses to run this service which is not viable due to the small number of emergency cases that occur.

How to transport your sick or injured pet to the vet

  • Try to keep calm.
  • Contact Daisy Street Veterinary Centre on 01254 53622 or outside practice hours contact Armac Veterinary Centre Tel: 0161 764 4618 to obtain first aid advice. This also allows preparation for your arrival should your pet need to be seen.
  • Keep your pet warm (unless you suspect heatstroke), as quiet as possible, and keep movement to a minimum to prevent further injury.
  • Be careful when moving pets who are in discomfort. Even the friendliest animals may try to bite or scratch when in pain.
  • If the pet is small enough, try to transport them in a suitable container such as a cat basket, cardboard box or plastic storage container.
  • If you have a large dog that is unable to walk, use a blanket or thick towel as a stretcher. Do not use a stretcher if the dog is resisting it or struggling as further injuries may be sustained. If the dog is only unable to use its back legs, a towel can be used as a sling under its abdomen to take the dog’s weight and assist it to walk.


Q - What can I do if my pet needs medical attention?

A- If you have an urgent medical problem but feel that it can wait until 8.30am then please just turn up at the surgery without making an appointment at 8.30am on Monday - Friday. We will see your pet as soon as we can. If you have an emergency or a medical issue which can't wait until our practice is open, you can ring Oakmount veterinary centre for advice - this telephone service is free of charge.

Q - How far is it to Armac Veterinary Centre Bury?

A-  Armac, is approximately 25 to 35 minutes drive from our practice.

Q- How do I contact Armac in an emergency?

A - Armacs direct number is 0161 764 4618. If you ring Daisy Street Veterinary Centre on the usual number -01254 53622, our answer machine message will also give you the number.

Q - How do I get there?

A- Follow this link for DIRECTIONS TO ARMAC, BURY.

Please drive carefully and we wish you a safe journey.

If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 53622, we are always happy to answer any queries you may have.

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