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Prescrip­tions during Covid-19

Information regarding repeat prescriptions during the Covid-19 outbreak:

Can I still collect medications, prescriptions and food for my pet during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, we are following government guidelines and continue to provide repeat prescriptions and foods.

If you are currently self-isolating, please ask someone else to come and collect your pets prescription for you.

Please contact the surgery on 01254 53622 to discuss your pets prescriptions initially.

The request will be viewed by the vet on duty and if this prescription is accepted, one of our staff will contact you to take payment over the phone and arrange a time for you to come and collect the medication.

Please phone into reception when you arrive on the car park to collect your medications.

Do not try to enter the building please .

A member of staff will then come out to the car park to deliver your prescription, abiding to strict social distancing guidelines.

Please allow at least one day to prepare your medications.              

Can I take several months’ worth of medications/food in case the practice closes?

We do not currently envisage the practice having to fully close as we are an emergency service.

Just like we have seen with the hording of toilet rolls and hand sanitizers, if all our clients were to suddenly request large amounts of medication, wholesalers would not be able to supply this sudden demand. There are no shortages of medications currently due to coronavirus and so we shall continue to supply our clients with their routine volume of medications.

My pet is due his/her 3 month repeat-prescription check-up. Do I need to bring my pet to the practice for this or can I just collect more medications due to the Coronavirus issues?

The government guidance is to reduce foot fall to veterinary practices. As such there may be instances during the coronavirus outbreak which means a repeat check up may be currently delayed. This is very dependent on each individual situation and is at the veterinary surgeons discretion.

Please contact the practice to discuss this. A chargeable phone or video consultation may be utilised to help prevent unnecessary visits to the practice.

For further information, please do call and speak to one of our members of staff.

Thank you.


Page updated 31st May 2022, 13:10
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